Monday, April 25, 2011

Bake Sale Recipes

On Saturday, I attended a bake sale where I sold a few of my treats. I posted a sign saying the recipes for the treats would soon be featured here and they will be. I've already posted the recipe for the Homemade Oreos and I was going to post the recipes for the Mini Apple Pies, Uncle Mike's Almond Praline Squares, and the Cinnamon Almond Palmiers. Unfortunately, right when I was in the middle of writing the recipe for the Mini Apple Pies, my browser decided it wanted to close unexpectedly and I lost all of the work I'd spent 10 minutes typing. So, I retyped it and my browser close, yet again. Now rather than type it a third time and throw my laptop across the room in a fit of frustration, I'm just going to step away from my computer and post the recipes at a later time.
I promise to get the recipes up within the next dew days and I apologize ahead of time for the delay. Please come back in a few days and I will, hopefully, have the recipes up.

Thank you so much,

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