Sunday, April 3, 2011

About Me

Hello everyone.

My name is Taylor, I'm currently in high school preparing for my future and I like to cook, bake, and do other crafts in my free time. I've created this blog to share the things I try out with all of you. I love tweaking recipes and trying new things and sometimes I find something that may work better or may not work at all and I want to share it with other amature cooks and bakers out there.

Since I'm still young, a lot of the recipes I use are ones that were passed down to me from my mom's cookbooks, my aunts', friends', and other people around me. But I do like trying out new things too so I often find myself on websites or flipping through my own cookbooks that I've collected looking for something that looks delicious and is easy to make.

A few of my inspirations are:
Betty Crocker
My Baking Addiction
Food Network
Family Circle
Better Homes and Gardens
My mom, sister, stepmom, and all my female relatives who all have their own tastes and perspectives on food. They all influence how I look at food and the tastes that I personally enjoy, giving me so many ideas and much encouragement.

In about two weeks I'm going to be going to a sort of bake sale, fair, gathering and I'm going to be selling a few of the treats that make my family and friends happy when I make them. I'll be posting those recipes and more on here so that all of you can have fun making them your own too.

I hope you enjoy this blog and that it inspires you to put your own twists on old or new recipes,


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